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 mini review PES2009

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PostSubject: mini review PES2009   Thu Oct 23 2008, 08:20

ok this is a mini review because frankly i aint played ANY 1 vs 1

thats right not a single game - bizarre as we all raved about pro 6 and were playing it frequently upto last week when this was released

you must be wondering why??? Question

simply cos the 2 modes on this new version i do play are just mint and totally addicttive

1st is be a legend mode, this is basically you as a player from age 17 to retirement, you pick a position and play, as you develop yr stats improve andyou move club to club

the thing is this is so NOT PRO EVO - you control 1 player not the team, you dont pick teams or formations etc. Pretty pants or what. Well basically its WHAT - this is TOTALLY FANTASTIC, you start in a training team and afetr a few good games progress to the B side and if you impress then you make the bench. After a few sub appearances maybe a half, maybe 10 minutes if again your stats warrent it you will get picked for the team starting the next match.

Put in a bad performance and get dropped !!!, score, create goals etc you become a regular!!! takes some getting used as you make runs and call for the ball rather than switch to the nearest player to the ball.

The other mode is CO-OP with upto 3 other players, you all on the same side and the rest are AI players - this is a real laugh and people actuall make runs call for the ball and then blaze it over - then get a load of abuse lol, me delly obi scottish and ninja have all played this one a fair bit and its good fun

Would i suggest this game as a got to have buy - yes i really would, if you like football, cant comment on the 1 vs 1 of old as i really have little intention of playing it at the moment but just for these 2 modes ASDA £27 is i think a total bargain

perhaps delly /obi might make a few comments?

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PostSubject: Re: mini review PES2009   Thu Oct 23 2008, 08:39

same as grem!

love the be a legend mode and upto 4 player co-op

i've played 1 v 1 online game!,...which is strange for PES !

but right now i'm totally loving the BAL mode

hopefully this weekend we can have some 2v2 (me and champ vs grelly(s)
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mini review PES2009
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