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 Rise of the Argonauts

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PostSubject: Rise of the Argonauts   Rise of the Argonauts I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 07 2009, 20:12

yep finally at long last after what seems like an eternity

Rise of the Argonauts

finally got released this week. Been waiting on this for so long i had almost forgot about it Rolling Eyes

so for all of you who dont know about this.....its another rpg lol! i love 'em, cant get enough.

ok been playing it for 2 nights and have to say i am really pleased with the game. PEA going wild

You play as Jason and start the game watching your wife die, nothing you can do about this but it introduces you to the badies of the game the Black Tongues wank

these shadowy figures are masters of asasination affraid and now you set off on an epic journey for the Golden Fleece.

Having played for a couple of nights i have not got to far into the game yet but have to say the story is quite good. Rarely do you play these games and want to listen to the dialougue but in this case it seems different, the various characters will give you info allowing you to figure out where you are heading to further your investigation. You can also skip along if you cant be arsed to listen which is always a good feature.

The game is not totally free roaming, you have quests which you do in what order you want but within those you have missions ie fight in the arena which you do before other things open due to the investigation process you are involved in. You learn of plots and traitors and stand side by side with argonauts to fight to the death. good luck

I like how you just want to keep going to try to get to the next save point, the next adventure etc always the sign of an enjoyable game applaud

The fighting scenes are quite good also axe you get to bash people, you get to swords stab people and you also have a spear. As you progress through you recruit extra people to your team

these of course become THE ARGONAUTS excited

yep it really starts to feel like jason and the argonauts once you have hercules, achilles (and some others not in the films lol) on board.

so graphically it looks really nice, the people are quite stylised especially jason / hercules etc they are like the spartans in 300 Big, Muscled and Hard as fuck. But even though you have god powers to use the enemies come in groups and you will find yourself dead and restarting the fight.
God powers Question you ask - basically as you go round doing things, helping people, killing enemies you get aspect points which you dedicate to 1 of 4 gods, this dedication in turn rewards you with various types of power which you will use in battle. cheers you get all diff types of powers so picking the right ones is quite important as some battles require you to run away alot Shocked because if you up against 3 minatours you take a beating and you die. so i used health power and lightning damage and ran around a lot Suspect but it worked Suspect idea2

Only complaint on graphics so far is sometimes it judders but all in all the load times are quite good, graphics good and gameplay good. Story whilst still being near the start has already gripped me and i want to get playing all the time (cant wait for my 3 days off)

whilst this is no oblivion it certainly is an excellent game worth the 30 it costs on first impression. For Obi i would recommend it, for others who like rpg but perhaps not the 100 plus hours of fallout/oblivion etc then perhaps this is worth a spin. I think it helps as you sort of know the characters and a bit of the story so you dont feel like its all new.

So summary : not played it too much but lovin it so far, easy to get into, graphics are quite nice and a game that seems to grab your attention and pull it along nicely.

overall 7.5 out of 10 - single player obviously and not sure of the overall length of gameplay yet but i hope it last a good while as im really enjoying it so far better than blowjob

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PostSubject: Re: Rise of the Argonauts   Rise of the Argonauts I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 08 2009, 16:18

cheers mate i'll get this on the main page shortly.

applaud applaud
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Rise of the Argonauts
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