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 The Secret of Monkey Island

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The Secret of Monkey Island Empty
PostSubject: The Secret of Monkey Island   The Secret of Monkey Island I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 20 2009, 05:41

downloaded ther new version of The Secret of Monkey Island from Live over the weekend.

For 800 MS points it was well worth it. The game is as annoying as ever

Not sure how many of you play P&C games buit this was one of the classics from the nineties along with Full Throttle and Sam and Max. You play a wannabee pirate called Guybrush Threepwood who is about as suitable as a pirate as Michael Jackson was to be a childminder!! The premise of the game is to wander around Melee Island (TM) solving clues and quests using some logical and some totally illogical thinking.

The first part of the game revolves around solving three puzzles for a bunch of pirates in order to find out how to actually become one. It's not as easy as it sounds and will have you ripping your hair out after about 20 minutes

One of the great things is the new cell shaded graphics. They look absolutley ace and perfectly fit the game. Even better if you press the select buton it instantly changes to the old school graphics of the original so you can see just how much it has come on. Despite the new graphics the makers have remained painfully loyal to the original which really helps to take you back!!

All in all a great game if you enjoy the genre, genuainly funny scripts and guratneed to have you smashing you Xbox controller against the wall!!

My first review so do try and be gentle
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The Secret of Monkey Island
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